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Perimeter Region Intelligent Photoelectric Prevention and Control System

Perimeter Region Intelligent Photoelectric Prevention and Control System

The intelligent photoelectric prevention and control system for border defense perimeter and important places is designed and developed according to the actual needs of border security. It consists of three parts: front-end multi-dimensional sensors, smart optoelectronics, and back-end display control dispatch command center. The system has the characteristics of unattended, all-day monitoring, intelligent analysis, and alarm, target identification, locking, and tracking.



Anti-intrusion Solution for Low, Slow and Small Targets in the Sky

In building complexes and dense jungle areas, one or more sets of spectrum detection are deployed at high points of buildings for primary detection of small targets in the mantle, and optoelectronic systems receive guidance from the spectrum for precise target detection, identification, tracking, and integration of directional suppression jammers on tracking optoelectronic.

Radio Spectrum Detector

The spectrum detection equipment adopts high-gain, wide-airspace communication reconnaissance antennas to conduct reconnaissance and direction finding of the up and down remote control signals and data return signals of “low, slow and small” UAVs, so as to realize the detection and direction finding of UAVs. The equipment adopts an integrated structure design, and the signal reception and signal processing are completed in the front end, which realizes the real-time analysis of the link signal characteristics. The spectrum detection equipment can realize multi-station cross positioning through distributed deployment. Under visible conditions, it has the ability to detect the location of the target of the UAV at the same time.


Photoelectric Servo Directional Interference Integrated Equipment

Photoelectric servo directional jamming integrated equipment, integrating ultra-telephoto visible light transparent fog high-definition network camera, long-range passive infrared thermal imaging detector, intelligent identification module, servo heavy-duty PTZ and jammer in one, realizing multi-spectral and multi-channel day and night complementarity imaging, 24-hour day and night monitoring, tracking, identification and early warning in low light, bad weather, night, etc.; the system can automatically or manually control the selection to effectively interfere or dispose of UAV targets.


 Coastal Perimeter Intrusion Prevention Solutions

Around the far coastline, shore-based radars are deployed at high points, and spherical photoelectric turntables with high protection performance are simultaneously deployed. The radars are used to monitor the detection of ship targets at long distances on the sea surface. Target locking, tracking, identification, early warning, image capture, reporting and other functions are independently completed by the optoelectronic device itself; the above functions can be completed even without a network; in order to cooperate with more systems, the optoelectronic system can also accept The signal access from AIS marine response system and underwater sonar detection equipment realizes the linkage alarm and alarm review of multi-signal and photoelectric system.


Shore-based Radar Detector

For shore-based use to the sea, it scans marine targets within 20km (about 10.8 nautical miles) of the surface area. It is used to monitor vessels operating illegally during the fishing moratorium. The radar needs to provide data such as distance, orientation, and speed of the target, and can obtain evidence. The comprehensive use of radar, photoelectric (visible light, infrared), AIS and other detection methods is a composite detection scene combining active and passive.


Multi-spectral intelligent identification and tracking photoelectric spherical turntable equipment

Multi-spectral imaging tracking and control integrated system, integrated cooling type long-distance passive infrared thermal imaging detector, ultra-telephoto visible light fog-permeable high-definition network camera, intelligent identification module, spherical servo turntable in one, can realize multi-spectrum, multi-channel day and night complementary imaging. It can monitor 24 hours a day and night in low light, bad weather, night, etc. With the help of the multi-spectral camera system, people can automatically and quickly lock and accurately track targets all-weather, full-screen, and all-time. Through the integrated prevention and control platform, people can remotely deal with suspicious targets automatically or manually quickly and effectively. This system is easy to operate, has a wide range of defense, and can be networked for control and continuous operation. It can provide reliable all-weather applications for high-level protection scenarios such as public security border and coastal defense, military facility perimeters, airports and ports, and is the best solution for these application environments.


Land and Shore Perimeter Intrusion Prevention System

In the key control area of the island, the surrounding people and vehicles are the main points of defense. The existing technical means, similar to the surrounding barbed wire, often cause false alarms due to the intrusion of animals. For this reason, radar is used at high points in the defense perimeter, and multispectral photoelectricity is used at the same time. The radar is used to scan the area and when it finds a target approaching the perimeter, it transmits this information to the photoelectric, which receives the orientation guidance from the radar and realizes the functions of locking, tracking, identification, early warning, mapping and reporting the target. The functions such as plotting and reporting are performed independently by the optoelectronic equipment itself, and the above functions can be performed even without a network. In order to cooperate with more systems, the optoelectronic system can also receive alarm signals from the perimeter vibration optical fiber and barbed wire to realize the linkage alarm and alarm verification of multi-signal and photoelectric system.


Ring Scan Radar Detector

Low-altitude surveillance radar can accurately detect and track small targets such as UAVs, display and output multi-dimensional information such as distance, bearing, pitch, speed, altitude and intensity of the target, forming a three-dimensional motion pattern of the low altitude target. Using a one-dimensional active phased array system, it has the ability to detect a variety of aircraft such as quadrotor UAVs and fixed-wing UAVs. This product has multi-function detection capabilities for multiple targets and complex urban environments. At the same time, this product can output the radar track to optoelectronics, command and control, etc. through a predetermined interface protocol to achieve precise guidance. In addition, this product reserves an input interface, which is convenient for remote control and network construction.


Multi-spectral Intelligent Identification and Tracking Equipment

Dual-spectrum infrared night vision T-type PTZ camera, the body adopts high-strength shock-absorbing alloy die-casting shell, the overall three-proof spraying, heat insulation, high temperature and cold resistance, impact resistance, anti-corrosion, with good wind resistance and shock absorption performance. Built-in high-definition visible light transparent fog network camera and high-sensitivity thermal image detector, realize 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring of visible light, low illumination, heavy fog and haze weather, night, etc.. It is very suitable for all-weather video surveillance occasions that require high-definition image effects in vehicle, outdoor and harsh environments. It can provide reliable 360-degree high-definition video for security monitoring places such as public security, border defense, high-speed bridges and tunnels, vehicle (ship), marine and maritime affairs.