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Airborne Optoelectronic Products

Airborne Optoelectronic Products


Airborne optoelectronic products include airborne optoelectronic pods, optoelectronic measurement pods, optoelectronic radar pods, etc., which are suitable for multiple platforms such as aerostats, drones, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, ships, and unmanned vehicles. Its core uses are mainly intelligence collection, reconnaissance, fire strike instructions, real-time monitoring, emergency rescue, etc.



Airborne Optoelectronic Pod

The photoelectric pod integrates thermal imaging cameras, high-definition cameras, laser rangefinders and high-precision stable platforms, and can be installed on medium and small unmanned aircraft for search, reconnaissance and surveillance tasks. It has the characteristics of light weight and high precision.

Medium and Long Wave Smoke Screen Monitoring System

Integrating medium and long-wave high-definition infrared cameras, it can realize real-time monitoring of smoke screens for armored vehicle jamming equipment. At present, it has realized hovering observation and measurement of targets, performed tasks of large-scale observation, patrol inspection, target tracking.


Aerial Target Character Acquisition System

The integration of multi-rotor drones and medium-wave refrigeration dual-light pods can realize hovering observation and measurement of targets, and can also perform tasks such as large-scale observation, inspection, mapping, target identification and tracking.