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Multi-spectral Intelligent Identification and Tracking Equipment/

Multi-spectral Intelligent Identification and Tracking Equipment

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Dual-spectrum infrared night vision T-type PTZ camera, the body adopts high-strength shock-absorbing alloy die-casting shell, the overall three-proof spraying, heat insulation, high temperature and cold resistance, impact resistance, anti-corrosion, with good wind resistance and shock absorption performance. Built-in high-definition visible light transparent fog network camera and high-sensitivity thermal image detector, realize 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring of visible light, low illumination, heavy fog and haze weather, night, etc.. It is very suitable for all-weather video surveillance occasions that require high-definition image effects in vehicle, outdoor and harsh environments. It can provide reliable 360-degree high-definition video for security monitoring places such as public security, border defense, high-speed bridges and tunnels, vehicle (ship), marine and maritime affairs.


 Main Performance Parameters:

  • Visible Light Image Resolution: 1920*1080P
  • Visible Light Focal Length Range: 15-1050mm, auto focus
  • Thermal Imaging Resolution: 640*512, uncooled
  • Thermal Imaging Focal Length: 25–250mm@f1.0, auto focus
  • Turntable Range: horizontal 0-360º unlimited, pitch -60-+60º
  • Turntable Speed: horizontal 0.02–60º/S, vertical 0.02–40º/S
  • Drive Mode and Control Accuracy: Servo direct drive, 0.02º
  • Target Locking Delay: ≤40ms
  • Tracking Target Running Speed: ≤40m/S @ distance 100 meters
  • Power Supply Mode: AC220V to special power supply
  • Equipment Weight: ≤75kg
  • Protection Level: IP66