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Shore-based Radar Detector/

Shore-based Radar Detector

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Low-altitude surveillance radar can accurately detect and track small targets such as UAVs, display and output multi-dimensional information such as distance, bearing, pitch, speed, altitude and intensity of the target, forming a three-dimensional motion pattern of the low altitude target. Using a one-dimensional active phased array system, it has the ability to detect a variety of aircraft such as quadrotor UAVs and fixed-wing UAVs. This product has multi-function detection capabilities for multiple targets and complex urban environments. At the same time, this product can output the radar track to optoelectronics, command and control, etc. through a predetermined interface protocol to achieve precise guidance. In addition, this product reserves an input interface, which is convenient for remote control and network construction.


Main Performance Parameters:

  • Frequency: X-band
  • Waveform: FM CW
  • Detection Distance: up to 80 kilometers
  • Resolution: up to 1 m
  • Antenna Type : Waveguide Antenna
  • Antenna Size: 3 m
  • Azimuth Beamwidth: 0.7°
  • Elevation Beamwidth: 20°
  • Antenna Gain: 32 dBi
  • Sidelobe: -26 dB
  • Rotation Speed: up to 40 rpm
  • Azimuth Pointing Accuracy:  0.1°
  • Polarization: Linear horizontal polarization
  • Antenna Transmission Power: up to 5 W
  • PRF: up to 10 kHz
  • Operating Temperature: -20~60℃
  • Machine Life: > 30 years
  • Electronic Device Life: > 10 years
  • Total Weight: 13kg