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Radio Spectrum Detector/

Radio Spectrum Detector

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The spectrum detection equipment adopts high-gain, wide-airspace communication reconnaissance antennas to conduct reconnaissance and direction finding of the up and down remote control signals and data return signals of “low, slow and small” UAVs, so as to realize the detection and direction finding of UAVs. The equipment adopts an integrated structure design, and the signal reception and signal processing are completed in the front end, which realizes the real-time analysis of the link signal characteristics. The spectrum detection equipment can realize multi-station cross positioning through distributed deployment. Under visible conditions, it has the ability to detect the location of the target of the UAV at the same time.


Main Performance Parameters:

  • Detection Frequency Range: 300MHz—6000MHz
  • Detection Orientation: omnidirectional 360°
  • Detection Distance: radius4000m
  • Direction Finding Accuracy: ≤±3°
  • Positioning Method: single point positioning, cross positioning
  • Interface Mode: network (10/100M)
  • Interface Power Supply Mode: mobile power supply, POE power supply
  • Single Product Weight: <5kg (excluding mounting bracket and special power supply
  • Protection Level: IP65