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Photoelectric Servo Directional Interference Integrated Equipment/

Photoelectric Servo Directional Interference Integrated Equipment

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Photoelectric servo directional jamming integrated equipment, integrating ultra-telephoto visible light transparent fog high-definition network camera, long-range passive infrared thermal imaging detector, intelligent identification module, servo heavy-duty PTZ and jammer in one, realizing multi-spectral and multi-channel day and night complementarity imaging, 24-hour day and night monitoring, tracking, identification and early warning in low light, bad weather, night, etc.; the system can automatically or manually control the selection to effectively interfere or dispose of UAV targets.


Main Performance Parameters:

  • Visible Light Image Resolution: 1920*1080P
  • Visible Light Focal Length Range: 10-550mm, auto focus
  • Thermal Imaging Resolution: 640*512, uncooled
  • Thermal Imaging Focal Length: 30-150mm@f1.0, auto focus
  • Jammer Frequency Band: 1.5G / 2.4G / 5.8G, multi-band jammer can be customized
  • Turntable Range: horizontal 0-360º unlimited, pitch -45-70º
  • Turntable Speed: horizontal 0.02–60º/S, vertical 0.02–40º/S
  • Drive Mode and Control Accuracy: servo direct drive, 0.02º
  • Equipment Weight: ≤75kg
  • Protection Level: IP66