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Infrared Thermal Imaging System/

Bi-spectrum Cooled MWIR Sphere PTZ

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                                        EOIR 450                                                                                 EOIR 750                                                                                   EOIR 1100


Product Description:

Bi-spectrum cooled MWIR sphere PTZ integrates cooled thermal imaging, optical camera, and sphere positioning system, etc. It adopts thermal imaging technology, featuring good concealment, strong ability to penetrate haze, and not limited by light sources. The effective combination of optical camera and thermal imaging can realize continuous monitoring day and night. It can be widely used in border surveillance, coastal vessel observation, used in airports, ports and other critical infrastructures for security protection, as well as used in real-time hidden monitoring occasions such as night, harsh environments, long distances and large areas.


Product Features:

● Using continuous zoom thermal imaging technology. The strong ability to penetrate haze and long detection distance support to search for targets in a large range.

● Equipped with day & night 2MP low-lux color camera, which performs detailed observation, the device can achieve continuous day and night monitoring.

● Multi-position intelligent recognition and auto-focus technology, which can achieve rapid focus through multiple focusing methods and triggering methods.

● 3D positioning function, which supports drawing area to zoom in and clicking to center, more convenient for device operation.

● Professionally designed shell, beautiful, light, strong, high temperature resistant, anti-corrosion, waterproof, and acid rain resistant.

● Support Locked-rotor Alarm.

● The shell adopts coating anti-corrosion, and all PCBs in the equipment are added with three anti-corrosion paint/nano layer.

● Facing artificial locked-rotor or icing at low temperature, the equipment will not be broken, and the alarm can be triggered.



ModelEOIR 450EOIR 750EOIR 1100
Thermal Module
Image SensorMCT Cooled Focal Plane Array
Resolution640 × 512
Pixel Pitch15 μm
Spectral Range3.7 μm to 4.8 μm
NETD≤25mK (@25°C, F# = 4.0)
Field of ViewWide: 12.2° × 9.8° (H × V);
Tele: 1.2° × 1.0° (H × V)
Wide: 15.6° × 12.5° (H ×V);
Tele: 0.7° × 0.6° (H × V)
Wide: 5.0° × 4.0° (H × V); Tele: 0.5° × 0.4°(H × V)
Focal Length45 to 450 mm35 to 750 mm110 to 1100 mm
Max. Alarm Distance (human, vehicle)4.5 km / 13.5 km7.5 km / 22.5 km11.0 km / 33.0 km
Optical Module
Image Sensor1/1.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS
Resolution1920 × 1080, 2 MP
Focal Length10 to 1000 mm, 100x
Aperture (Range)F3.0 to F11.5
Field of ViewWide: 31.2° × 17.8° (H × V);Tele: 0.41° × 0.23° (H × V)
Focus ModeSemi-auto & Manua
Optical DefogYes
Movement RangePan: 360° Continuous Rotate; Tilt: From -45° to +45°
Pan SpeedFrom 0.01°/s to 120°/s
Tilt SpeedFrom 0.01°/s to 100°/s
Presets300 in total
Video and Audio
Video CompressionH264, H265, MJPEG
Audio CompressionG.711/G.722.1/G.726/MP2L2/PCM
Alarm Input2
Alarm Output2
Audio Input1
Audio Output1
Communication Interface1 × 10Base-T/100Base-TX, RJ45
Reset Key1
Power SupplyWide input AC 110 to AC 305 V, 50/60 Hz; Power supply: DC 48 V ± 20%, or DC 30 to 36V
Power ConsumptionPower consumption ≤ 180 W
Power consumption ≤ 460 W (turn on deicing heating)
Working Temperature/HumidityFrom -40°C to 60°C; Humidity: ≤ 95% (no condensation)
Protection LevelBase: IP66; Sphere space: IP67, sealed and filled with nitrogen.
Comply with GB/T17626.5 Level 4 standard 4KV surge protection
Dimensions748 × 748 × 970 mm
WeightApprox. 130 kg


Note: DRI Range

Model EOIR 450 EOIR 750 EOIR 1100
Detection Range
(human, vehicle )
15.0 km / 46.0 km 19.1 km / 24.5 km 36.7 km / 112.4 km
Recognition Range
(human, vehicle )
3.7 km / 11.5 km 6.8 km / 13 km 9.1 km / 28.1 km
Identification Range
(human, vehicle )
1.9 km / 5.7 km 4.6 km / 9.1 km 4.5 km / 14.0 km


Target type:

Human (1.8 m × 0.5 m)

Vehicle (2.3 × 2.3 m)



* It is only for reference and the performance may vary according to different environment.

* The optimal detection, recognition, and identification distances are calculated according to Stanag 4347 standards.

* Effective distance values shown are nominal values and should be used as estimates only. Exact value calculations depend on a wide variety of conditions. 


Dimensions:      EOIR 450/750/1100