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Medium and Long Wave Smoke Screen Monitoring System/

Medium and Long Wave Smoke Screen Monitoring System

  • Overview
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Integrating medium and long-wave infrared and high-definition cameras, it can realize real-time monitoring of smoke screens for armored vehicle jamming equipment in the air. At present, the medium and long wave smoke screen monitoring system has passed multiple field appraisal tests. The product can realize hovering observation and measurement of targets, perform tasks of large-scale observation, patrol inspection, target identification and tracking. It can also centrally display and process the flight status and measurement results of the drone.



  • Maximum Hang Time: 77min (no load at room temperature), 30min (full load)
  • Maximum Flight Altitude: 3000m
  • Maximum Flight Speed: 20m/s
  • Maximum Loadable Weight: 15kg
  • Dimension: 2511mm*560mm
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Key Technical Indicators
  • System Indicators
  • Weight: ≤7kg
  • Dimension: ≤Φ350mm×520mm
  • Power Consumption: ≤150W
  • External Power Supply: 9V~36V
  • SWIR
  • Working Band: 0.95um~1
  • Resolution: ≥640×512
  • Field of View Range: 1.8°~9°
  • Servo Indicator
  • Two-axis Four-frame
  • Stable Accuracy: ≤30urad
  • Angle Measurement Accuracy: ≤0.01°
  • Geolocation Accuracy: ≤20m/10km
  • Laser Photometry
  • Working Band: 1064nm
  • Energy: ≥60mJ
  • Distance Measurement Accuracy: ±2m
  • Illumination Code: 10 groups