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Infrared Thermal Imaging System/

GST280 Series Gyro Stabilized Infrared Thermal Imaging System

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The GST280 series gyro stabilized infrared thermal imaging system is a high-performance monitoring platform that integrates thermal imaging, visible light, and gyro stabilization functions, with high levels of protection. High definition visible light cameras can provide strong support for ground and water monitoring, law enforcement and evidence collection, while infrared thermal imaging can provide clear infrared thermal images for vehicles and ships for nighttime cruising and reconnaissance. Dual light video images can be displayed in real-time on the monitor of the vehicle or ship control panel through Ethernet, and can also be transmitted to the command center through the network.


Visible light and infrared thermal imaging

The 1920×1080 pixel high-definition visible light camera can provide users with clear images during the day, while the infrared thermal imaging is equipped with a 640×512 pixel detector, which is suitable for use in dark and complex weather conditions, providing clear thermal images. At the same time, the device is also equipped with a synchronized zoom 1km laser illuminator (equipped with GST280-T), which can work with a visible light camera to still obtain clear images even in dark environments, making it convenient for law enforcement and evidence collection at night. The GST280 series is compatible with various monitoring systems, and both power and signal can be directly connected to ordinary monitoring and security systems.


Waterproof performance

The GST280 casing has undergone strict waterproof design, which can be directly rinsed with water. Strict waterproof measures have also been taken for mechanical interfaces and cable joints. The GST280 has achieved IP66 protection and can be used 24/7 in complex climates such as salt mist, high humidity and cold.


Gyro stability

The gyro stabilization function enables users to obtain clear and stable images under complex ground or water conditions. The GST280 precision rotation platform adopts advanced gyroscope stabilization technology, which has a self-stabilizing function. When a vehicle or vessel shakes, the platform drives the load sphere to compensate in the opposite direction based on the gyroscope signal, so that the direction of the camera inside the sphere remains unchanged, and the stability can reach ± 0.1mrad, basically eliminating the effect of vehicle or vessel shaking on visual observation and achieving image stability.


Image tracking function (optional)

In tracking mode, the turntable can automatically rotate as the tracked target moves. Users can select targets to track in infrared or visible light images by simply pressing a button to enter tracking mode.


Technical parameter




Infrared thermal imaging


Uncooled vanadium oxide, 640×512 pixels





≤50mk @25℃

Frame rate


Focal length

20mm –100mm continuous zoom

Field of view angle

21.7°x17.5° – 4.4°x3.5°

Visible light camera


1/2” CMOS




6~300mm(50× optical zoom)

6~210mm(35× optical zoom)

Field of view angle (horizontal)

61.9° ~1.3°

61.9° ~1.9°

Minimum illumination

0.001Lu /F1.5(color);0.0001Lux/F1.5 (black and white)

Focus mechanism


Laser illuminator

Luminous wavelength



Effective distance



Lighting method


Electric synchronous zoom

Turntable parameters

Horizontal direction

360°continuous rotation

Pitching direction

-45° ~ +90°

Maximum angular velocity


Maximum angular acceleration


Positioning accuracy


Stable accuracy




Physical characteristics

Power supply


Power dissipation


Protection level

IP66, TVS 4,000V lightning protection, voltage surge protection, in

accordance with GB/T17626.5 6KV standard


Aluminium alloy

Working temperature

-40℃  ~ +60℃

Overall dimensions

∅280mm× 430mm