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GD220 Pod – Uncooled Three-light Photoelectric Pod

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  • The airborne pod is equipped with sensors such as high-definition visible light cameras, uncooled thermal imaging cameras, and laser range finders.
  • Capable of day and night uninterrupted surveillance capabilities.
  • With gyro stabilization function, it can keep the picture stable.
  • Capable of monitoring, detecting, identifying and tracking ground or low-altitude targets.
  • Capable of manual, geo-tracking, auto-tracking and search-tracking of targets.




System Indicators

  • Weight: ≤ 6.5kg
  • Dimension: ≤Φ220mm×315mm
  • Power Consumption: ≤100W
  • External Power Supply: 9V~36V

Laser Range Finder

  • Working Band: 1064nm
  • Ranging Frequency: 5Hz/10Hz
  • Ranging Accuracy: ±2m


  • Working Band: 8um~14um
  • Resolution: 640×512
  • Field of View:  7.0°/24.5°, dual field of view
  • Optical Axis Consistency: ≤2 pixels

HD Camera

  • Band: 0.4um~0.9um
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Field of View: 2.3°~63°   continuous zoom